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Компанія Unicorn запрошує на професійні курси Web development і System Analytics

Web development and System Analytics courses!  

We are Unicorn, European IT company, with offices in the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, the Netherlands, and in Ukraine (Ternopil, Kyiv). Our main products are in the energy domain. But we also have the outsource projects in eCommerce and banking domains.

Unicorn is starting the internship program at its offices in Ternopil and Kyiv and offers a free training course for everyone. The education course will be held in two specializations - Web Application Development and System Analytics.

Internship program details:

• Start date:

01.02.2021 for developers;

08.02.2021 for analysts;

• Duration of the program:

5 weeks for developers;

4 weeks for analysts;

• 8 hours a day, 5 days a week;

• Mixed format of study (online/offline).

To enter the course, you need to have a knowledge of English at least of the intermediate level. Both Ukrainian

and Czech lecturers will conduct the education course.


•For web application development course:

basic programming knowledge (Node.js, React, JS).

•For system analytics course:

basic concepts of business or system analysis;

analytical skills, logical thinking and willingness to study.

Best students will have an opportunity to get a full-time job after passing the course!

If you want to apply for a course, please send your CV with mark "web dev course" or "system analytics course" to

Our coordinator will contact you and provide the details (schedule, extended course program, etc.).

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